Cut application development time
Use App Builder
Develop faster

App Builder speeds up application development by taking over tasks that can and should be automated, such as route optimization, template management and the all-important deployment.

Because they are automated, not only they are error-free but they are also blazing fast. Learn more.

Deploy easier

It takes a click of a button to deploy an application with App Builder. You can also deploy existing applications regardless of framework, not just the ones created from scratch with App Builder.

App Builder also does zero-downtime deployments for applications where even 1 second of downtime is unacceptable. Learn more.

Share your code

Publish your code here so other PHP coders can use it in their applications quickly and easily.

If you make beautiful website templates and UI elements, publish them here as well. Think of it as helping us coders avoid making dreadful-looking websites. Help make the web a more beautiful place. Learn more.

Try it out

Applications made with App Builder are always ready to run, like this one. Build it, run it, but not modify it, though, unless you are signed in as examples.

Sign up to clone the project and modify it to your heart's content.

Now documenting and more

App Builder is currently free of charge as some features are being added and documentation is still being written. However, it is ready to use for building fully functional web applications and for deploying them, in a zero-downtime fashion, no less.